Priority Community Facility Improvements in Moorabool

Project Overview

Update to the Moorabool Community Infrastructure Planning Process

At its meeting on the 7th August 2019 Council endorsed an update to the Community Infrastructure Planning Process. This document provides the methodology that enables council to identify critical improvements to community facilities across the Shire.

Moorabool Shire residents are invited to make a submission to the draft update to the Community Infrastructure Planning Process. The consultation will be open until Friday 25 October 2019.

Following the consultation, submissions will be considered and, if required, changes will be made to the draft Community Infrastructure Planning Process before it is reported to a future meeting of Council for adoption.

Feedback and submissions on the following document can be provided at the bottom of this page:

Supporting Documents

Several supporting documents are also available on this web page. While these will not be adopted by Council and are not formally part of the public consultation, they are provided here for information and residents are welcome to submit comments on them.

These documents can be found under the DocumentsLibrary section on the right of this page.

The documents are ‘outputs’ from the Moorabool Community Infrastructure Framework, of which the Community Infrastructure Planning Process is a key part. The Planning Process provides the methodology for how all the supporting documents have been produced.

Residents may wish to pay particular regard to the Strategic Community Infrastructure Priorities reports as theselists the various improvements to community facilities that have been identified as a result of council following the draft Community Infrastructure Planning Process.

The Moorabool Community Infrastructure Framework

The Community Infrastructure Planning Process provides the methodology for the Moorabool Community Infrastructure Framework. The Framework is Council’s primary planning mechanism for assessing community needs for service and facilities and determining the projects required to meet those needs.

The Framework is a collection of documents, data sources, analysis tools, inter-departmental processes and relationships that collectively inform council’s planning for community infrastructure. It is intended that the Framework willbe updated as often as is necessary to respond to changing circumstances, new data (such as updated population forecasts), completed projects, and the changing needs of service providers and the Shire’s rapidly growing population.

The Framework identifies Moorabool Shire’s priority community needs for facilities and services, now and into the future. The Framework uses various assessments and tools to analyse the supply of existing community infrastructure and compare it with community needs. The assessments take account of current demand for infrastructure, the effects of population growth, the distances people need to travel, and other factors affecting demand.

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