Arts and Culture Strategy

Project Overview

Help shape Moorabool’s creative future.

Council is currently developing Moorabool’s first ever Arts and Culture Strategy.

Arts and Culture play a vital role in the Shire in connecting communities, telling our stories and expressing what it means to live in Moorabool. Almost all Australians (98%) engage with arts and culture and recognise the positive impacts the arts have on their lives and communities. Through arts and culture, we celebrate and connect our communities.

Council is seeking to develop an Arts and Culture Strategy to identify initiatives, programs and infrastructure that will support arts and cultural development within the Shire and positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of residents. 

This will be Moorabool Shire Council’s (MSC) first Arts and Culture Strategy and we seek to establish and deepen the Council’s relationship with artists and arts organisations in the region and raise the profile of Moorabool as an arts and cultural destination.

  • Review and Industry Research
  • Community and Stakeholder Consultation
  • Draft Arts and Culture Strategy
  • Exhibition of Draft Arts and Culture Strategy
  • Adoption of Arts and Culture Strategy

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Have Your Say

Throughout February and March 2021 we are holding public forums and conducting a survey to understand the creative life of the Shire. We want to know about what you love doing creatively and what you’d like to see more of. 

Your contributions will guide the development of the Arts and Culture Strategy and shape how Council will invest in making Moorabool a vibrant and creative place to live.

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